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Does your mind get in the 먹튀검증사이트 way of your success?

Zach Even Esh

Founder - Underground Strength Gym

Guys, do you ever start warming up for a wrestling

match or look at your opponent across the mat and think, I

don’t know if I can beat this guy. You know the moment you

start thinking like that, it’s over. It’s done.

The same truth applies when you are about to make a

big lift. In fact, even during warm-up sets, when you approach

that bar, you have to be ready to do or die. You can’t walk up to

that bar unsure. Maybe I get it, maybe I don’t. No, that never


There’s a story of an old powerlifter who was about to

squat 850 or 900 pounds, and his whole crew of training

partners was there, trying to get him psyched up. They were

cheering and carrying on, doing whatever they could think of

to get him going. Then the lifter stopped as he approached the

bar and started screaming. “Hey! Everyone get the hell out of

this gym! Get out right now!”

His training partners were like, “Dude you can’t do this!

You need a spotter.”

But the lifter responds, “No, I will make this rep or die.

I will die under this barbell if I don’t I don’t make this rep. Get

the hell out of here.”

He kicks everyone out, locks the door, gets under the

bar does the rep. Then he lets everyone back in. Guys, when

the resistance hits you on that barbell, don’t give up. Don’t

dump the bar. You make the rep or die. You carry that attitude

with you when you wrestle, and you carry that attitude with

you everywhere else you go.

Make the rep or die 먹튀.

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